No Sound Recorded But Video Was Fine

You might be wondering why your mic works with Skype but not during your video interview? Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow:     

1.  Verify that you have the latest version of Flash Player
  • In your browser, open the About Flash Player page. 
  • If the Flash Player is installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays a Version Information box. The following example shows what the box looks like.                                     

If this box appears on the About Flash Player page, it shows the Flash Player version installed on your computer. 

  • If Flash Player is not installed on your computer, the About Flash Player page displays one of the boxes shown below. Download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

2.   Select Allow to let the website access your webcam and microphone.  Make sure it is detecting the correct microphone too.                                    

3.  Restart your computer or  Refresh the web page.

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