What happens if a recruiter doesn’t find me any candidates and I don’t make a hire?

First things first, make sure you and the recruiter are on the same page of what you’re looking for. In other words “how would you define a successful outcome?” If the recruiter doesn’t have all the adequate information, they are most likely bringing you candidates who don’t pass the sniff test! Mapping out your ideal candidate with your recruiter in the first conversation is paramount for a successful search.

With that said, sometimes it just doesn’t work out and the recruiter can strike out. You can walk away anytime and only be held accountable for the hours the recruiter put in. We give you the freedom to control the entirety of the project, so if you don't like it, we aren't forcing you to pay anything that you don't want to continue.

Of course, we strive to never have this happen, but if it does, please notify not only your recruiter, but also your  Client Success Manager at RecruitLoop. We hate to see people come away unhappy and we can usually work something out.

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