How To Pay Your Recruiter

Paying your recruiter is a nice thing to do. So nice that it's a requirement! Our preferred method is via credit card, which can be completed by either logging into your account or paying directly from the payment link that can be provided by the recruiter.

If you are logged into your account,

  • Navigate to the correct project
  • Click "Activity" in the middle of the page
  • Click "Invoices" then 'Pay Now'
  • You will see the option to either Pay via credit card or Download EFT Invoice (Electronic Funds Transfer for our AUS clients), pay via wire transfer, or, god forbid, snail mail with a physical check (yuck).  This is the exact same page that will show up from the payment link that the recruiter may provide you with.

If you wish to pay via credit card, a small window will pop up where you can place your credit card details.

Payment can be confirmed by a payment successful message or by going to your Activity page as shown below.

If you have any issues with payment or your invoice, please email


Q: Are there any additional charges if I pay via credit card?
A: We don't have any hidden or additional charges if you pay using your credit card.  Payment made easy as they say.

Q: What is your normal payment term?
A: Our normal payment term is 7 days.  If your business has a specific payment arrangement, kindly email

Q: Do you accept Paypal payments?
A: We accept Paypal payments for clients who are outside the US and Australia, although our preferred payment methods are credit card, Electronic Funds Transfer for our AUS clients, wire transfer, or, god forbid, snail mail with a physical check.

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