Job Posting + Advertising Costs

For projects where the recruiter or client recommends posting on job boards and advertising for the role, there may inevitably be costs associated with such activities. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon (i.e. if you as the client has a premium account that you prefer to use) then the recruiter should pay for all job postings out of their own pocket. In such a case, the recruiter will then add line-item expenses in the platform that will be passed onto the client at the time of invoicing.

For our Australian friends: If the recruiter agrees to run an ad on Seek, this item will appear on the client’s invoice and will have been pre-paid by RecruitLoop. If posted by RecruitLoop, the cost of the ad will be cheaper than if the client would post it themselves since RecruitLoop has a ‘volume-buy’ agreement with Seek.

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