Adding colleagues to a "Client Team"

When you're working on a project with your recruiter, you may want some of your colleagues to have access to the project as well. The RecruitLoop My Team page allows you, the client, to add new team members, and to determine what visibility each team member would prefer. 

Step 1: From your Projects Dashboard, select the project where you want to add the team member

Step 2: Click "My Team" on the right side of the page

Step 3: Click the "Invite Team Member" button

Step 4: Fill out the Client name and email. Next, click "invite". This will send an invitation to that team member, allowing them to create their account. When they log in, they will see any projects that they are subscribed to. 

Step 5: The newly added team member can now be managed from this page. By ticking either of the two boxes on the right, you can determine what type of emails that team member receives. The recruiter also has access to this same functionality. Project emails are notifications about the project like recruiter notes, completed video interview, messages and project activities. Invoice emails comes after the recruiter makes a payment request.


Q: Can I remove a team member after they've been added?
A: Yes, for as long as that team member is not the only one subscribed to either the project or invoice emails.  Once you hover your mouse to the team member's name, the remove button will appear.

Q: Can I change the project owner?
A: Of course, only if you are the existing owner of the project. To do this, you will have to go to your 'My Team' page.  click the term 'owner' and select the new owner from the list determined by the team members you've added to your Team.

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