Understanding Your RecruitLoop Projects Dashboard

When a project starts, it's normal for you as client to want to view the project and see if there's any activities done by the recruiter you are working with.

One of the most common enquiry we get is around understanding the RecruitLoop dashboard.

We have demonstrated what you can see from your dashboard and each section's function.

What I see on my dashboard?

Think of your RecruitLoop dashboard like your filing cabinet. It contains different folders that represent each significant component of your projects.

After you award/accept a proposal, you have the option to either just view your projects or place your notes and tags that the recruiter you are working with can see.  To do the latter, you must login via  https://recruitloop.com/app/login.  You will be asked to setup your password the first time you try to login.

To understand every part of your dashboard, please read on...

Projects:  You will see all of your running and completed projects from this page.  By default, the page will show all active projects.  There is another folder called 'Archived' where you will find your completed projects.

If you click on a project, you will see 5 different subpages.

  1. Candidates - where information on shared candidates can be found.  You can put your shared and private notes about the candidates through this page.  Shared notes can be seen by the recruiter while private notes are just for you and your team.  You can also rate and tag candidates when necessary.
  2. Messages
  3. Activity
  4. About
  5. My Team




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