Product Improvement Notes :: November 26th, 2014 :: Updates to Proposal Acceptance Process & UI

Here at RecruitLoop, we're releasing a set of changes to the workflows for early client interactions with the platform. These changes include improvements and adjustments to to the workflow for viewing and accepting proposals. Here are the details:

New "Accept Project" Workflow for Clients

This release will change how clients first view proposals that they receive. When a recruiter sends a client a proposal, they will receive an email with a short summary, and a link to the proposal screen. As a client, you will not be required to login to view these proposals. When clicking the link in the email, you will see the proposal screen, as presented below:

From this page, you can also click "View my post" to see the original post you submitted for recruiters to see. 

However, in order to award or decline a project, or to "ask a question", clients will be asked to login. If you do not have a login, you will prompted to create an account by creating a password. Below are the two different login pages that you may see:  

Once you've logged in, you can ask a recruiter a question by clicking "ask a question". You will see the below screen when asking a question:

Once a client has logged in, they can toggle between proposals, or between projects, just as you could before. You can also accept or decline a proposal, and provide additional feedback about the proposal.

Accepting a proposal looks like this:

Declining a proposal looks like this:

The rest of the platform will continue to look the same, and can be accessed at This release impacts only the parts of the application that are related to viewing and accepting a proposal.

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