Interviewing Candidates Tips + Tricks

Recruiters can only take the candidates so far down the process. Eventually you, the hiring manager, must take over and interview and learn more about the candidate. Interviewing is easier said than done. With a few tips and tricks, you can turn into an expert interviewer in no time.

10 Tips To Being A Great Interviewer

  1. Personally be in touch with the candidate before the interview.
  2. If it's a Skype call, clarify that it is a video interview!
  3. Get good at small talk, especially to start out the interview.
  4. Introduce your company
  5. Ask relevant questions - not random ones to quiz them on a topic not applicable to the job at hand.
  6. Make it a conversation, not a list.
  7. Show that you've read their resumé
  8. Ask questions about their responses
  9. Give appropriate timelines about the hiring process
  10. Tell the candidate about the role, then ask if they have any questions.

**BONUS** If they don't get the job, have the courtesy to follow up with them and give them feedback on how to improve. That goes a long way for your company's brand.

5 Reasons You're Not Filling Roles

  1. You're not prioritizing hiring
  2. You have no process
  3. Your salary, equity, or benefits are wildly off base
  4. Your job description is boring or confusing
  5. There's no career path

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